[1]The Wolfpack may be one of the oldest guilds around.

Leaders of the WolfpackEdit

Over time many have been the leader of the wolfpack. The starter of the first wolfpack was Kenjii. He was a gnome rogue VIP 2. Then the guild was remade by his father i think. Katsumoto a vip 5 night elf. The guild was started in 2.4.1 in 2007 or 06'. The next leader that took over was Whipped, after Whipped was Shady for a very short period of time.

Good timesEdit

The wolfpack was definitly the best guild of all times. Seeing as how it had 1400 members before the guilds were reset in 3.0.x. Back in 2.6.0 we had some very good times. From killing the noob guild And two stealth Rogues (guild shady ran off to). Or from are huge guild events. Everything down to the guild bank full of De items. Idk im not that good of a writer but this guild deserves a place on this wiki.

Yours truly, Trevor

Kat, Kenjii , Whipped , OMGCow, Mondwolf, PapaBear, and all the rest thank you for making the best guild ever.

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